Group Discussion

Types of GD

How to initiate and lead the discussion Language of the GD

What are the personality dimensions assessed in the GD ? Self Management skills expressed during GD

People Management skills expressed during GD.

Conscious behaviour expressed and unconscious behaviour expressed

Know your potential before you initiate GD. Assertiveness & GD – How to master it ?

What not to Communicate in GD? Self-Esteem and GD.

Communication skills required for GD Interpersonal skills reflected in GD Persuasive skills- How to express positively Problem solving skills & Decision Making

Managing emotions and managing others emotion Channelizing discussion

Know your leadership style Leadership skills – how to express it ?

Positive attitude – Convey through body language

Speaking sensibly – Matter and Method, Empathy and Listening skills

Important phrases in English which can add pep and verve to the discussion

Do’s and don’ts in a discussion (discussion etiquettes)