An extempore is when are given a topic and asked to speak about it immediately.

Difference between Ex-Tempore speech and publicspeaking.

1. Starting ex-tempore speech
2. Know thedirection
3. Keep the end inmind
4. Memory skills and ex-temporespeech
5. Using the whole brain to activate prior knowledge oftopics
6. Body language and ex-temporespeech
7. Language skills and ex-temporespeech
8. How to seek the attention?
9. Preparing theback-up
10. Plotting the course
11. How to add pep and ex-tempore speech
12. What if you draw a blank?
13. Diction and tone – how to master it
14. Projectingconfidence
15. How not to appearsmug?
16. How to avoid stress during ex-tempore speech?
17. What not to do in ex-temporespeech?

Few topics in which ex-tempore speech will beconducted.

1. Who must take care of the environment?
2. Has globalization reallyworked?
3. Are layoffs a solution to efficientmanagement?
4. Is the Nuclear deal good forIndia
5. Meat or No Meat ?
6. Is India intolerant ?
7. Is our Disaster Management is Disastrous ?
8. No love in Love Marriages
9. Will India will become like Russia ?divided in the long run?